Hello everyone, and welcome to Alertoid.

About Alertoid

Alertoid is a new tool for monitoring online content and social media. We’re currently working what we hope will be the industry’s best service for helping PR professionals, and people who moonlight as PR professionals, to easily perform brand, product or reputation monitoring in a scalable way, using a modern tool which will help you do more, fast, and enjoy it.

About this blog

This is the second blog that I have ever started. The first one was just personal, and embarassing enough that I won’t bore you by posting the link. This blog will be very different. It will focus on just busines: sharing what we’re doing at Alertoid, the value that we hope we are adding to the world, software development, launching a business, launching our first product and all the interesting work we are doing for that. I hope you will be interested.

Who are we?

Hello! I am Ovidiu Ciule, and together with my brother Vlad Ciule, I am launching my first software product. I have been developing software professionally for 6 years. At first, I started with Java, then moved to Ruby, PHP and finally Python. I love Ruby and Python, and I make a living with them. I, and my brother, are both very passionate about the web: we read, follow and breathe the modern web every day. After working for several startups as an engineer, I have changed paths and decided to launch my own product. I couldn’t have hoped for a better partner than my brother, Vlad, for this adventure. We are very excited, and we’ll be posting a lot of great content in the lead up to launch.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like any information about us or our project, or you just want to chat. We are looking forward to working with passionate PR and marketing professionals, understanding your needs and giving you a new great tool.